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Welcome To Southeastern School!

At Southeastern we strive to be on the cutting edge of using new technologies combined with research based instructional methods to provide our students with the greatest opportunities to learn.  I believe that in order for us to grow as individuals, it is important that we learn something new about the world, our society, and most importantly ourselves, every day. 

Please check our new website often as it develops to discover new and exciting things going on at Southeastern School.

Glenn Puckett, Principal

Southeastern School Mission Statement

Our mission at Southeastern School is to provide all students a challenging curriculum while providing a safe, supportive, and structured environment producing college and career ready citizens.


  • All students can learn.
  • Student learning will be the main focus of Southeastern School.
  • Curriculum and instructional practices should incorporate diverse learning strategies.
  • A safe and nurturing environment promotes student learning.
  • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.
  • All students should be given equitable opportunities for success.


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2018 BCEF Grant Ceremony
Congratulations to our Grant Winners! We are proud of you! Thank you to the Blount County Education Foundation for making these grants possible.
Our 2018 Grant Winners

Learn the lyrics to our
Mustangs Fight Song!

Congratulations to the November Elementary Students of the Month!

Paxton Britt, Adelyn Knight, Tristan Murphree

1st Grade
Ryleigh Lewis, Sophia Rodriguez, Savanna Terry, Maci Vest

2nd Grade
Jerry Alcantar, Liliana DeMarco, Daevyn Reed, Anna Singleton

3rd Grade
Olivia Bean, Addison Dossey, Skyler Terry

4th Grade
Peyton Fields, Danica Phillips, Connor Howse

5th Grade
Brian Alvarado, Hugo Alvarado, Daniel Parsons

Yearbook Information

Visit the Southeastern Stampede website to learn how to order yearbooks!

The 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 online storefronts will close December 31, 2018.